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Body Treatments

Body and back treatments help to exfoliate, soften, tone and moisturize the skin. We off back scrubs, back facials (for problematic and congested skin), full body scrubs and wraps. All of our body treatments start with dry brushing, which helps with exfoliation, circulation, and may even help with lymphatic drainage.

Our 25 minute back scrub starts with dry brushing then cleansing with a body wash. Next a scrub (sugar, salt, or coffee) is used for additional exfoliation and infusing the skin with vitamins and minerals. Last, a body butter or cream is applied in relaxing strokes. $50

The 60 minute back facial includes the steps of the back scrub but includes steam, extractions, custom masque, back rub, ending with body butter or cream. $110.

On sale now for only $57! Limited Time Only!

A full body scrub starts with dry brushing, followed by cleansing with a body wash. Products are removed with warm towels. Next a scrub is applied all over, removing dead skin cells. Body butter/cream is applied at the end. A swim suit is recommended. 70 Minutes. Fall products now available! $150

A body wrap is similar to a body scrub, but in place of the scrub, a mud or seaweed masque is applied all over the body and the client is wrapped in warm sheets for 15-20 minutes to detox. Masque is removed with warm towels and body butter/cream is applied at the end. 70 Minutes. $150

Body Scrub/Wrap Combo for Ultimate exfoliation, detoxing and moisturizing. Both services combined. 105 Minutes  $199

Chocolate masques are available seasonally.

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